Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Battling Breast Cancer - Fundraising for Family

My 34 year old cousin, Minden is battling breast cancer.  She is married with two very active little boys, ages 1 and 3.  While she has a very supportive network of family and friends the medical bills are piling up.  Minden completed eight rounds of chemotherapy and is recovering from a double mastectomy. She still has radiation and several reconstructive surgeries to go so even more bills are on the horizon.

My family is not in a position to help her financially but I have a room full of craft supplies I have hoarded collected over the years so I went to work. I made over 70 ornaments and listed them in my Etsy shop.  Another generous member of my family has offered to pay for all Etsy fees and cover all shipping costs!  

Glittered Heart Breast Cancer Ornament

Ornaments are $12 or $15 each and every penny of the purchase price goes to my cousin PLUS you get free shipping!  If you see something else in my shop you would like to purchase use coupon code THANKYOU for free shipping on the rest of your order as well (free shipping within the US only).

Recycled Beer Can Breast Cancer Ornament

Each ornament ships in a gift box with a special tag I designed with a catchphrase those who know Minden will recognize.

Felt Breast Cancer Ribbon Ornament

Glittered Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Ornament

Pink & Silver Breast Cancer Ornament - Upcycled

I hope to raise at least $1000 and if I sell out I will make more!  Please, check out the Ornaments for Minden section in my Etsy shop, buy some and help this family.  Maybe it will help pay for Christmas gifts for Minden's handsome boys!

Minden's sweet boys

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's Up?

I thought I should post something before the four year anniversary of my last post.  That's right.  It's been almost four years since I last posted anything on this blog.  I am not sure if this is going to be a regular thing again.  I am sort of testing the waters.

To begin, I thought I would share some of my projects and life events since October 2012.

I got a new sewing machine with all kinds of fancy stitches, automatic thread cutter and knee lifter!!

I made these fabric alphabet letters from scraps (tutorial here)

I created this Hungry Caterpillar set for my niece

This my favorite picture of my girls and I took it!

This is my first completed quilt.  It's a tablecloth quilt for my grandma that my mom bought the fabric for and intended to make 20 years ago!

Spring wall quilt I made from panels and fabric given to me.

We bought a house AND I have my own sewing room now!

Fall wall quilt - one of my favorites so far!

This is the first quilt I ever started.  It's a twin and I was so nervous to quilt it on my little machine.  Success!

We were Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and family for Halloween so I had to make special reindeer headbands.

My mom saw the ocean, walked on the beach, played in the sand for the first time and my sister and I got to go too! (sister and mom pictured)

Nativity wall quilt made from panels given to me.  I used several new stitches on my machine.

I successfully installed a light fixture by myself!

We have slowly grown our garden space each year.

I made the girls little stuffed animal / doll sleeping bags for Christmas a few years ago. They still play with them!

This is my favorite baby gift!  I made this little outfit for my niece out of my sister's sweatpants and t-shirt. Leggings info here, tunic info here

My dad and I brought 2 bathooms out of the 1970s!
I added infinity scarves, potholders and baby bib & burp cloth sets to my Etsy shop

Another favorite - the map wall quilt I made for our living room (tutorial info here)

Even more bib & burp cloth sets in the shop

I have several more projects in the works.  Some are gifts I cannot reveal yet and others are new items I will be adding to the shop soon!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Decorations & Peanuts Costumes: Repurposed & Cheap!

Homemade or DIY is the way to go for unique, charming and affordable this Halloween!  Check out our repurposed Halloween fun this year:

The Decorations

Remember the milk jug skeleton and spider web candy bowl and I made a few years ago for Halloween?  They are both still in great shape and a make up a big part of our Halloween decorations.  But this year we needed more and I knew Lucy would love to help!

Q-Tip Skeleton from October issue of Family Fun

Spooky garland we made a few years ago....the kids still love it!
Egg Carton Bats found on Pinterest.  We skipped the plastic, googly eyes and added fangs!

We used tempera paint and it took FOREVER to dry!

The Costumes

Lucy chose the Peanuts theme for our family costumes this year.  I made all four costumes for under $25 (that includes sewing my first pair of pants!).  I only had to purchase a white hooded sweatshirt for Lucy's Snoopy costume, a yellow polo shirt and black self-stick felt for Ben's Charlie Brown and black spray for my Lucy hair.  The rest of the clothes, fabric and supplies I found in our closets and in my sewing and craft stash.  If we bought the costumes it would have cost well over $100 and we would all freeze to death in the thin, poorly made costumes. (Check out the GIANT pumpkin my mom won at work!!) 

Our version of the Peanuts Gang with our own Great Pumpkin!

The cute little tails on Snoopy & Woodstock

Of course we had to find the most sincere pumpkin patch!

Lucy loves Snoopy and LOVES her costume!

The squiggle on Charlie Brown's forehead is hilarious!
And my crazy Lucy hair! (excuse the was so cold!)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September Milestones

Peanut Butter Yogurt Pie via Pinterest
September was full of milestones:

1. We moved to Missouri
2. My 2 year blogiversary
3. 16,000 views
4. 250 sales in my Etsy shop
5. I'm another year older

How did I celebrate?  I unpacked lots of boxes, organized our new house (a work in progress), played outside in our shady yard, went to the DMV, baked and cooked to fill the chest freezer and completely forgot to write a single post!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top 5 Countdown: Adios Ohio!

It's that time again.  Time to move!  We are in the process of packing up and moving to Missouri.  While we were never attached to Columbus or Ohio we will definitely miss a few businesses that are unique to this area.

5.  Graeter's and Jeni's 

Graeter's ice cream is amazingly delicious and rich.  It's all about the chocolate chunks.  We have enjoyed it 3 or 4 times since moving to Columbus.....we might have to squeeze it in one more time! 

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams are made from local and sometime organic ingredients with artisan/gourmet flavors like salty caramel and wildberry lavender.  The dark chocolate and buckeye state ice creams and the lemon frozen yogurt are my favorites but I would love to try more!

4.  Skyline Chili

In my experience people either love or hate Skyline's "Greek inspired" chili served on spaghetti and piled high with cheese.  My parents were not fans when they visited but we will definitely be stopping there to eat one more time before we head out of town! 

3.  IKEA 

IKEA isn't exactly unique to Ohio, but it is somewhat unique to the Midwest (take a look at the U.S. locations map - huge hole in the middle of the country).  We have lived in Columbus 18 months and gone to the West Chester location 3 times and purchased many pieces of furniture and toys and I would like to buy more!  Once in Missouri, the closest location will be 7 hours away in Dallas, TX.  IKEA, time to build a store in Kansas City!

2.  Eddie Bauer Warehouse Store

This is a huge store in an industrial area with tons of deals and the farther into the store you explore the better the discounts (a whole wall of $10 women's jeans).  With their free rewards card and the 20% off coupons in the Columbus Entertainment Book I have snagged some great deals!  I will so miss this place!

1.  Meijer 

With double coupons, great deals on local and regional produce and mperks (can stack mperks coupons with manufacturer coupons) I have saved a ton shopping at Meijer.  The girls love the wall of fish tanks in the pet section and Lucy always has to ride Sandy the horse (it's only 1 penny)!

Since we are moving to a smaller city we will also miss stores like Costco, Trader Joe's and World Market but that just gives us another reason to visit my sister in Kansas City!

I will need a few weeks to pack, move, and then unpack everything (exhausting) and then I'll be back with new projects!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pinterest Projects: Wedding Invitation Ornament

We were invited to the wedding of one of my husband's coworkers but it was several hours away and on the same day as Alice's first birthday party so we did not go.  We still wanted to give them a little gift so I showed Ben this ornament on Pinterest (my explanation didn't cut it - men need visuals).  He liked the idea so I grabbed a clear glass ornament and got to work!

Wanna make one?  Just cut the invitation into strips using a paper trimmer or scissors concentrating on key elements like names, date/time, ceremony location (I even used strips from their reception card).  Next, curl the strips around a pencil or pen and place them into a clear glass ornament.  I loved the matching ribbon and a charm in the original pin so I did the same.  I really wanted a wedding cake charm but could not find one in my local craft stores so I settled on the "I do."

Ben reported back that the bride loved the ornament and was impressed that I was able to match the ribbon to the text on the invitation!  Yay for handmade, creative gifts that are sentimental and recycled as well!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pinterest Projects: Orange Peel & Vinegar Cleaner

With the help of Pinterest I have been trying to make our home healthier by making my own cleaning and personal care products.  First up is orange peel and vinegar all purpose cleaner.  There are dozens of blogs with instructions on how to make this and similar cleaners so for more information check here.

This is how I made mine:
  • Put orange peels in a jar, cover with white vinegar, put the lid on and set it aside for at least two weeks.  Mine sat for 4 weeks and smelled amazing when I took the lid off!
  • Strain the vinegar, mix with an equal amount of water and add to a clean spray bottle.
  • Start cleaning! 
So far I have used this to clean my kitchen counters, stove, microwave, dining room table and high chair, to wipe down my washing machine and dryer and my husband used it in the bathroom. Earlier today I sprayed the grill and left it to soak hoping it will be easier to scrub (I will update with the results later).

I love the fact that this cleaner is only vinegar (super cheap) and all the goodness from the orange peels that would normally be thrown away! It smells so much better than store bought chemical cleaners and I think it cleans better too. Try it!