Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Decorations & Peanuts Costumes: Repurposed & Cheap!

Homemade or DIY is the way to go for unique, charming and affordable this Halloween!  Check out our repurposed Halloween fun this year:

The Decorations

Remember the milk jug skeleton and spider web candy bowl and I made a few years ago for Halloween?  They are both still in great shape and a make up a big part of our Halloween decorations.  But this year we needed more and I knew Lucy would love to help!

Q-Tip Skeleton from October issue of Family Fun

Spooky garland we made a few years ago....the kids still love it!
Egg Carton Bats found on Pinterest.  We skipped the plastic, googly eyes and added fangs!

We used tempera paint and it took FOREVER to dry!

The Costumes

Lucy chose the Peanuts theme for our family costumes this year.  I made all four costumes for under $25 (that includes sewing my first pair of pants!).  I only had to purchase a white hooded sweatshirt for Lucy's Snoopy costume, a yellow polo shirt and black self-stick felt for Ben's Charlie Brown and black spray for my Lucy hair.  The rest of the clothes, fabric and supplies I found in our closets and in my sewing and craft stash.  If we bought the costumes it would have cost well over $100 and we would all freeze to death in the thin, poorly made costumes. (Check out the GIANT pumpkin my mom won at work!!) 

Our version of the Peanuts Gang with our own Great Pumpkin!

The cute little tails on Snoopy & Woodstock

Of course we had to find the most sincere pumpkin patch!

Lucy loves Snoopy and LOVES her costume!

The squiggle on Charlie Brown's forehead is hilarious!
And my crazy Lucy hair! (excuse the was so cold!)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

September Milestones

Peanut Butter Yogurt Pie via Pinterest
September was full of milestones:

1. We moved to Missouri
2. My 2 year blogiversary
3. 16,000 views
4. 250 sales in my Etsy shop
5. I'm another year older

How did I celebrate?  I unpacked lots of boxes, organized our new house (a work in progress), played outside in our shady yard, went to the DMV, baked and cooked to fill the chest freezer and completely forgot to write a single post!