Monday, July 2, 2012

Pinterest Projects: Orange Peel & Vinegar Cleaner

With the help of Pinterest I have been trying to make our home healthier by making my own cleaning and personal care products.  First up is orange peel and vinegar all purpose cleaner.  There are dozens of blogs with instructions on how to make this and similar cleaners so for more information check here.

This is how I made mine:
  • Put orange peels in a jar, cover with white vinegar, put the lid on and set it aside for at least two weeks.  Mine sat for 4 weeks and smelled amazing when I took the lid off!
  • Strain the vinegar, mix with an equal amount of water and add to a clean spray bottle.
  • Start cleaning! 
So far I have used this to clean my kitchen counters, stove, microwave, dining room table and high chair, to wipe down my washing machine and dryer and my husband used it in the bathroom. Earlier today I sprayed the grill and left it to soak hoping it will be easier to scrub (I will update with the results later).

I love the fact that this cleaner is only vinegar (super cheap) and all the goodness from the orange peels that would normally be thrown away! It smells so much better than store bought chemical cleaners and I think it cleans better too. Try it!


  1. Do you know if the oranges add anything besides a nice smell? I have been cleaning with vinegar and water and the smell goes away super fast.

    1. I think this cleaner is a better degreaser than plain vinegar. Other bloggers say this is from oils in orange peels infusing into the vinegar - I don't know the science behind it but I love this stuff in the kitchen. I prefer plain vinegar and water on mirrors and windows though.

  2. thanks for sharing.


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