Thursday, June 21, 2012

Etsy Finds: Recycled Beer & Soda Cans

I reuse beer and soda cans to make ornaments to sell in my Etsy shop.  It's time to start making ornaments, business cards and find packaging supplies to get ready for the Christmas rush.  While checking my empty can inventory this morning I started wondering what other handmade goods crafted from cans were available.

BUCKLE LORE sells a variety of belt buckles made from vintage beer cans.  Carefully cut pieces of vintage beer cans are welded to the belt buckles creating an accessory that will last.  (Random side note:  I've been to the Shiner brewery!)
Belt Buckle - Vintage Shiner Beer Can $24

"Definitely an intriguing product. An original gift. Collectible."  Yes. Yes. Yes!  These recycled beer can cases made by CanAbyss (also love the name) are made almost entirely of materials "rescued from London's street sides litter." 
Recycled Beer Can Case - Red Stripe $112.67

I love the quirky design and name (BrewBird) of the birdhouses made by PickYourSeat.  They are made entirely from recycled materials.  She also sells items made from repurposed wine barrels and scrap from a cabinet shop.
BrewBird $45

For a truly unique outfit perhaps you should consider a skirt or corset (or both) made from recycled beverage cans by Autumn Faye Designs.  I also found a colorful corset dress very similar to the individual garments below that she previously sold and love the look of the two pieces together.

PBR Aluminum Can Petal Skirt $75

Upcycled Corset from Aluminum Cans $125

Don't forget to check out recycled beer and soda can ornaments in my Etsy shop and maybe enjoy a beer while you shop!

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