Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time Management

I want to do too many things!  I have two little girls that want to play all day, laundry, a dirty/cluttered house, this blog, my Etsy shop, upcoming birthdays and now the weather is nice and I want to start planting.  I know I cannot do it all.......but I try.  Something is always left on the back burner (the Etsy shop, blog, cleaning or mowing usually) while we play in the tent, dig in the dirt, go to the zoo or have to shop for groceries.  Fun with my family should come first! 

So, if you notice several days, weeks or even months have gone by without a blog update just know that I have not been slacking.  I am probably busy making dinosaur tails and planning Alice's first birthday party even though I need to make/photograph/list new items in my shop and write/post half a dozen tutorials on this blog.....the fun stuff comes first!

Dinosaur Tail Tutorial by Running With Scissors

Owl Applique Pattern by Ruthie Pearl

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