Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Dresses from Repurposed Dress Shirts!

I love this idea although I cannot take credit for it.  Pinterest is buzzing with clothing for babies and toddlers made from repurposed adult clothing.  My inspiration for my girls' Easter dresses came from Made By Lex (blue stripes from my shirt) and MADE (yellow from my husband's shirt) and the flower embellishment instructions came from How Joyful.  I am so proud of how these turned out....I do not consider myself to be a good sewer and my sewing machine drives me crazy....but I did it! 

It was chilly and windy Easter morning but I had to take a few outdoor pictures of the girls in their dresses!  They were good sports.

I now have a stash of unwanted clothing to turn into adorable little outfits for my girls....I'm officially addicted to sewing.


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