Friday, March 16, 2012

Weeks 3 & 4 - 40 Bags in 40 Days

Sorry I missed week 3!  We drove to Missouri and I am still trying to catch up.  My 9 month old has made week 4 a challenge too.  I am dealing with mastitis (second time this year!), she is teething, grouchy, not sleeping well and refusing to nurse.  Luckily last night and this morning she nursed and seems a little happier.

I did not get a chance to attack the computer desk and file cabinet I mentioned in week 2 but I did shred all the paper next to the shredder.  Can you believe one sack of paper turns into 2 trash bags once shredded?

The infant swing is ready to go to the Three Bags Full consignment sale next week.  I am so excited to get the frame out of the garage and the seat out of our crowded living room.

I have a stash of plastic grocery bags that I have been saving for random craft projects like my Valentine's Day Wreath.  I'm tired of them taking up room in the pantry and garage so we stuffed them into the recycling bin at Meijer yesterday.  Now I just have to remember to grab my reusable shopping bags when I shop!

This one is a little embarrassing......I still haven't put away the wrapping paper, ribbons or bags we saved after Christmas.  They have been sitting across from the coat closet entirely too long.  Now they are in the storage tub in the garage and out of sight!

In December I purchased one of those plastic tubs with the dividers for Christmas ornaments.  I organized all my ornaments and tucked the tub on a shelf in the garage but left all the empty boxes on the floor near the washer & dryer along with an empty detergent bottle (saved to store homemade detergent that I have yet to make).  They are gone now!

I have been going through tubs of baby and little girl clothes for the past several weeks getting ready for a consignment sale.  I need more hangers and to print tags but I have everything gathered.  Getting rid of the clothes the girls have outgrown will make a huge difference in Lucy's closet not to mention earn a little money.

The grand total for weeks 3 & 4 is:
2 bags of shredded paper
4 bags of plastic grocery bags
1 bag of Christmas wrapping supplies
3 empty ornament boxes + 1 detergent jug
1 infant swing
at least 2 bags (maybe 3!) of outgrown baby & girl clothes

I still hope to attack the computer desk and filing cabinet.....stay tuned!

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