Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week 5 - 40 Bags in 40 Days

We will have company on Sunday so I have a little extra motivation to clean up and get rid of stuff!  It's just the kick in the butt I needed too!

I haven't worked outside the home in about three and a half years yet I still have plenty of office clothes.  Each time we move I get rid of a few items but always keep most just in case.  Some are outdated and others don't fit after having two kids....time to donate them.  I managed to fill a bag and start another for my husband to complete (hint, hint).

I finally attacked my craft space (a teeny, tiny space behind the couch) and started to organize.  It still needs lots of work but I managed to throw out and/or recycle random crap I tend to cardboard.  Some of this will be stored in the garage (fun project coming soon!) but most will be recycled.

We brought this bag full of empty soda and beer cans back from our trip to Missouri.  My kind family saves cans for me to make ornaments (we can't drink all those beverages alone!).  The bag still had a little room so I added some of our cans and put it on a shelf in the garage until I am ready to make ornaments again.

Here is some of the random paper, receipts and other paper clutter I collected from my craft area as well as the kitchen counter, dining room table and entry table.  We have a serious paper problem.

This shelf has been leaning against the wall in our dining room since we moved here over a year ago.  I couldn't figure out where to hang it without the walls looking cluttered so it just chilled on the floor collecting dust.  Once Alice is crawling (anytime soon!) I know it will be a hazard.  It will soon be listed on craigslist and out of the dining room.

These toy boxes have been sitting in the laundry room since Christmas along with  last week's empty boxes and detergent bottle.  I usually try to keep at least the instructions that come with toys for resale purposes and just toss the boxes.  However, these Melissa & Doug boxes are either wooden (like the toys inside) or super sturdy cardboard and I would really like to keep them.  I decided to find room in Lucy's closet to store them until the girls outgrow their play kitchen.  At least they are now out of sight!

The grand total for week 5 is:
1 bag of clothes
1 bag of cans
2 bags of paper
1 pile of cardboard
4 toy boxes
1 shelf

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  1. You are so inspiring! We have so much stuff that needs to just move on...


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