Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 2 - 40 Bags in 40 Days

Week 2 of 40 Bags in 40 Days is almost behind us.  This week wasn't as easy as week 1 since it was a full week and I'll admit I barely came up with enough.....I'm a procrastinator.  While gathering my stuff this morning I found several areas to focus on next week that will hopefully fill several bags.

This week I tackled our master bedroom.  I got rid of two boxes and most of their contents leaving me with a box of trash and a bag of paper to recycle (paper is our kryptonite).

We do not need three televisions in this house so I got the hubby to agree to giving the smallest one to Goodwill. 

Here is a pile of maternity clothes ready for hangers and tags.  They will be sold in a spring consignment sale later this month. This is at least one bag of stuff.

Even though we have a fireplace we never use it and the tools collect dust on the hearth and make me nervous with little kids so they will go to Goodwill too.

In the past we have used this corner shelf to store candles and display plants and picture frames.  Lucy took it over about a year ago and puts her stuffed animals in the bottom (we do not use candles anymore).  Also, it no longer goes with the rest of our stuff so it will be listed on craigslist soon.

Finally, I filled the bag I started last week for Goodwill along with a foot bath and the bag of paper from the master bedroom.

The grand total for week 2 is:
1 box of trash
1 bag + 1 TV, foot bath and fireplace tools for Goodwill
1 bag of paper to be recycled
1 bag of maternity clothes for consignment sale
1 corner shelf/cabinet for craigslist

Next week I plan to tackle our computer desk and filing cabinet.  The desk is covered in paper and houses desktop we don't even use anymore and the filing cabinet is unorganized and full of junk.  My goal is to get rid of both along with most of the papers (including the bag of paper that needs to be shredded...conveniently next to the shredder).

 See ya next week!

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