Friday, March 2, 2012

A Sad Week

The past week hasn't been easy. Much of the weekend was spent talking on the phone with family and mourning the loss of my Papa.  I also spent a little extra time cuddling and playing with my girls (nothing dries tears like a chubby baby hug or a silly toddler expression!) and telling funny Papa stories with my husband.  I even framed this old picture of him my sister gave me a few years ago.  It was long overdue and having it displayed seems to be helping Lucy understand what has happened (if it's possible for a 3 year old to comprehend a death in the family).

I like to think that I got some of my craftiness from Papa.  When I was little he and my Dad restored old cars, built houses, decks, docks and even a pontoon boat.   He always had a project in progress whether it was remote controlled airplanes, fun cars for the kids or a train village in the basement for his great grandkids.  He always had fun.  Rest in peace, Papa.

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