Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 Bags in 40 Days - Clutter Removal Challenge

I keep everything.  Seriously, everything.  I make ornaments from recycled soda and beer cans that I sell in my Etsy shop so I have boxes of empty cans in my garage, washed cans drying by the sink and I even keep the boxes the cans were purchased in just in case I come up with a use for them.  Cereal and cracker boxes are saved and cut into business cards (I stamp my info on the back) and the Sunday paper comic section is used for wrapping and packaging.  Lately I have been washing and saving baby food jars with grand plans of storing homemade play dough, slime and finger paints in them (thanks Pinterest). 

Most of the boxes from our move a year ago (and 2-3 moves before that - details here) currently reside in our garage.  I cannot bear to give them up because I know that as soon as I do we will move again and have to stalk craigslist and call grocery stores for boxes (moving 3 times in 9 months will do that to a person).

We still have unpacked boxes stacked by the front door, end of the hallway and in our master bedroom (romantic, I know).

At this point whatever is in these boxes needs to go since I obviously haven't needed it in at least a year.  A few of them have baby gear that will be sold or given away along with several large plastic tubs of clothes in Lucy's closet.  I started going through some of it earlier this month to prepare for a kids consignment sale in March.

Maternity clothes will be sold along with all the outgrown baby stuff. (This tub is in front of my nightstand which is also just a few feet away from the stack of boxes shown above......more romance!)

Our house is small and full of junk and most of it is mine.  My crafting passion is repurposing but that does not mean that I have to hang onto every interesting cardboard tube just in case I want to try a project.   If I do not use an item that I received as a gift and it collects dust or takes up valuable closet space it needs to go.  If a shelf, dresser or TV stand is past its prime, does not fit our style or is a hand-me-down we have had for ten years it can go.

I am joining Ann Marie at White House, Black Shutters in a clutter removal challenge dubbed 40 Bags in 40 Days.

She even has a free printable game plan for those who like to be organized and want to join the clutter removing party.  We all have clutter, let's attack it together!

Check back each week to see my progress!

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