Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Stockings from Upcycled Clothes.....Finally!

The Christmas stockings I started working on the summer of 2010 are finally complete and ready for Santa!  A pregnancy, lost job and relocation across the country kept me away from them for several months but I am so happy with the finished results.  (Please ignore the empty was decorated with ornaments for sale in my Etsy shop but they all sold!)

I have seen many handmade stockings on Etsy that I absolutely love (especially these) but I really wanted to make my own.  I gathered up old shirts, socks, sweaters, hats and buttons, leftover fabric from other projects and remnant fleece and got to work.

I used one of our old stockings as a guide to cut out 12 stocking shapes from a large piece of red fleece.  These would be the back and front lining of each stocking (enough for 6 total stockings).  I also cut the sleeves off an old sweater and a fleece shirt, took apart 2 wool beanies that were full of moth holes and cut strips from the rest of the fabric and clothes.

Since all my pieces and strips were different lengths and sizes I simply played with the layout of each stocking until I was satisfied (usually a few pieces at a time), pinned and sewed them together and then repeated the steps.  Also pictured is my little helper at 20 months.....she just turned 3!

After I had sewn all the pieces for one stocking together I then laid it on top of the red fleece lining and trimmed the edges.  Then, I trimmed about 1/2" from the top of the red fleece piece and folded over the top of the front for a nice finished hem.  After sewing the two pieces together the front was complete.


Next, I took another of the red fleece stocking pieces and lined it up on the face of the finished front, sewed them together (all but a few inches along the top much like making a pillow), turned it right side out and finished sewing.

I made loops from the leftover red fleece and hand sewed them onto the stockings along with some decorative buttons I found in my stash.  I ended up using fabric glue to attach glittered cardstock letters meant for scrapbooking to put our names on them.  I could not find iron on letters that I liked (and that had all the letters we needed in one package) and had all the stockings sewn together before I thought of having them embroidered.  Maybe someday I will come up with a washable solution but for now I really like the font and glitter of these.

Merry Christmas!

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