Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update: DIY Reusable Baby Wipes

I thought it was time to review my homemade baby wipes.  So far we are not crazy about them.  Using plain water to moisten them does not seem to get little baby bottoms as clean as we like and I am too scared to try to the various recipes of essential oils and soaps since little Alice has eczema.  The fragrance free store bought wipes for sensitive skin work well and do not irritate her skin. Lucy is potty trained now (yay!) so we really only need them for one kid anyway.  Maybe we are just lazy and used to the convenience of disposable wipes!

Even though they do not work as intended for my family I would still recommend the project because they can be used all over the house, are reusable and affordable. They came in very handy as hankies when Alice came down with a cold in September and again this month.  The flannel is thick and super soft so no sore nose for her and no yucky hands for me.  They could also replace baby washcloths or paper towels.

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