Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update: DIY Reusable Baby Wipes

I thought it was time to review my homemade baby wipes.  So far we are not crazy about them.  Using plain water to moisten them does not seem to get little baby bottoms as clean as we like and I am too scared to try to the various recipes of essential oils and soaps since little Alice has eczema.  The fragrance free store bought wipes for sensitive skin work well and do not irritate her skin. Lucy is potty trained now (yay!) so we really only need them for one kid anyway.  Maybe we are just lazy and used to the convenience of disposable wipes!

Even though they do not work as intended for my family I would still recommend the project because they can be used all over the house, are reusable and affordable. They came in very handy as hankies when Alice came down with a cold in September and again this month.  The flannel is thick and super soft so no sore nose for her and no yucky hands for me.  They could also replace baby washcloths or paper towels.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Potty Training, Baby Eczema & Sleepless Nights

Usually I post about DIY projects, Etsy or my Etsy shop but I feel I should explain why I have been absent from the blogging world the past few months.  The above title says it all!  Our toddler took forever to poop in her potty seat, our 5 month old suffers from eczema and both create sleepless nights.

Lucy will turn three soon but the terrible twos still dominate.  She is finally potty trained (still in Easy Ups at night) and is becoming a fantastic artist.  I'm not sure what is considered normal for three year olds but this kid is drawing people and dandelions very well!  She still wakes up several times a night and calls for us to fix her blanket or some other random reason.  We try to take turns but usually my hubby deals with it since I am STILL nursing the little one at night.

That's right, our five month old is not sleeping through the night yet.  In fact she slept better the first month of her life than she does now, naps included.  She has eczema and the poor thing is constantly itchy.  Our pediatrician told us all about which laundry detergents, lotions, soaps to use and recommended hydro cortisone cream for the itching.  She is constantly itching (and losing hair from it)!  I cannot imagine using this stuff every time she scratches....she would be covered in the stuff!

I am considering jumping on the slippery slope of elimination diets after reading about eczema and breastfeeding.  The hope is that the offending food will stop irritating her skin and she will sleep more than 30 minutes at a time.  Cow's milk seems to be the most obvious food to eliminate.  Unfortunately the holiday season is upon us and I will have to miss out on all the fabulous foods.  If it helps my poor little girl's skin just a little it will be worth it!

With all of this going on I can barely keep up with the laundry around here.  I manage to keep my Etsy shop stocked but cannot manage my Facebook, Twitter or this blog with much continuity.  Hopefully as these crazy kids grow out of these funks or we learn to mange I can post more frequently.

If anyone has any advice on managing baby eczema or food elimination please comment!  I know this won't last forever, but it sure feels like it!