Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Repurpose Those Bamboo Easter Baskets

Even though I made repurposed milk jug Easter baskets to reuse each year we ended up with several bamboo baskets from other family members.  In fact, Lucy received a whopping 9 Easter baskets...way too much stuff!  Two came in traditional bamboo baskets with plastic grass, two in gift bags, two in smaller handled totes, one in a felt basket, one in a plastic toy pail with shovel and one in the milk jug basket.  Most of these vessels can easily be reused but I had no idea how I would reuse the bamboo baskets until I remembered all the toys on the floor in almost every room of the house.

I recently sanded and painted an old bookshelf for Lucy's room and had been trying to come up with a way to make or buy some sort of container to hold all the small toys and display on the shelves.  Why buy baskets when we have a few leftover from Easter?

Cutting the handles off proved to be difficult until I tried the hedge trimmers in the garage.  They worked great but left rough edges so I trimmed them up with kitchen shears.  So, after 5 minutes I had free, repurposed baskets!

Here is the whole bookcase full of Lucy's books, toys and a few knickknacks:

The colors of these baskets go perfectly with Lucy's room.  However, if your baskets do not match the room I think you could very easily spray paint them to match your decor.  Happy repurposing!

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