Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Recycled Cardboard Wall Flowers

A few months ago Lucy began sleeping in a big girl bed.  She is at the right age and we needed her crib for the baby's room.  We have put up some of her own art on the walls but the room still needed something to go with her new bedding.  A fantastic sale at Michaels a few weeks ago inspired me to make these wall decorations from recycled cardboard (we have tons of boxes from our recent move), craft paint and glue.

After cutting apart several corrugated cardboard boxes, I traced around my stainless steel mixing bowls and various plastic lids to cut out circles to work with.


Based on the flower shapes on her bedding I then doodled different petal shapes and sizes onto each circle and cut them out.  I decided to stack two of each size together for extra strength.  For added texture and interest I also peeled the paper from the corrugated layer on one layer of each flower.


That sale at Michaels I mentioned earlier included craft paint for $.29 so I picked up several colors found in the bedding and got to work!  Cardboard really soaks up the paint so I had to apply 2-3 coats to maintain the vibrant colors.


After arranging each piece so that the colors and shapes in each flower looked right, I started gluing the layers together.  The only glue I could find was Elmer's gel glue but I'm sure white glue, any craft glue or rubber cement would work. 

Once the glue dried I had to come up with a way to hang these on the wall.  I went through my craft stash and came up with wire, E-6000 and a plastic envelope I had saved.  I cut the plastic into squares (2 for each flower) and bent hangers from the wire.  Using E-6000 and plenty of air ventilation I glued the wire to the cardboard and adhered the plastic to hold it in place.  The plastic kept rolling up on the edges so I stacked a few books on top of each flower to hold it all in place until dry.


For $1.45 and a little bit of time I was able to make four flowers for Lucy's room and I think they look great!  When she has outgrown the bedding and/or flowers I can pass them on to someone else or just toss them into the recycling bin without feeling like I am out a bunch of money.

 Lucy found my leftover cardboard and made her own art!

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  1. My 2 year old and I will be working on this project over the weekend. I priced similar decorations (made of wood) and the cost would be $175!! Thank you for saving me sooo much $$$$$


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