Friday, April 8, 2011

Be Green This Easter!

Easter is another holiday full of plastic nonsense.  Easter baskets, fillable eggs, cheap bunny and chick toys and the "grass" used to fill the baskets are all typically tossed after all the fun is over and people run to buy more the next year.

This is the first year we will do a true Easter basket for Lucy.  However, we I will be making the basket out of repurposed materials (of course!) and we will reuse it every year like a Christmas stocking.  Also, there will be no "grass."  I have never understood the messy, plastic grass anyway since all kids just toss is aside to find all the treats.  If you must have grass shred some paper from the recycling bin and then when the baskets have been emptied return it to the and green!

Here's a few tutorials for Easter baskets made from recycled materials for inspiration:

Recycled Fabric Box made from an old sweater from crafty blog of Tried and True

Woven Recycled Wool Easter Basket from Resweater

Recycled plastic bottle Easter baskets from sycamore stirrings

I love the recycled fabric box with bunny ears but fear my sewing skills are not at that level yet.  Maybe I will tackle that one next year when I have 2 little ones to make baskets for!  I think this year I make a basket from the crazy milk jugs we saved from Costco and let maybe let Lucy decorate it herself.  Look for the results soon!

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