Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update: Projects in Progress

Back in September I posted about several projects I was working on at the time.  My intentions were to finish each project and highlight them in separate blog posts.  That is until things changed.

The stocking holder idea was scrapped and most of the supplies were recycled or left behind.  I did keep the huge pine cones for another project or in case we buy another house with a mantle someday.

I continued to work on the upcycled stockings a few times early in the pregnancy but did not finish them in time for Christmas.  I have 5 stockings in the final stages (with fabric to make 6.....I doubt we will ever need 5 or 6!).  They all need loops to hang them from and our names on them.  Hopefully this will be a post all it's own close to Christmas 2011 when they are complete.  Here's a sneak peek:

Sadly, Lucy's cardboard kitchen had to be recycled during our move.  It just would not fit in the moving truck.  I was very sad at first but soon realized that she had lost interest in it anyway.  Now that we are expecting another little girl soon I think Santa would love to get the girls a nice, shiny kitchen to share for Christmas anyway!

Look for more projects soon!

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