Friday, March 18, 2011

Old T-Shirts Become Play Necklaces!

A stack of my husband's old fraternity shirts, wooden beads and an old packet of Kool-Aid mix all came together to create dress up accessories for my two year old last week.  I decided to make two sets of necklaces while I had the sewing machine out.  Hopefully this will eliminate or at least lessen the fights between the sisters in a year or so.  (Baby Sister is due in June!)

The old t-shirts were gray, white and navy so I decided to dye the white with an old packet of Kool-Aid mix.  After some internet research I learned that Kool-Aid as a dye does not work on cotton and is only recommended to dye protein fibers like wool.  I decided to try it anyway since this was for a toy and not an item of clothing that would be washed often.

I simply used really hot water with a splash of vinegar and let the strips soak for 15-20 minutes.  I then rinsed in cool tap water until the water ran clear.  It seemed to work fine although I didn't put them through a wash cycle.  They did take a spin in the dryer on low with a dry towel so I could make the necklaces sooner.

I cut strips about 1" wide and between 24" and 30" long from the bottom of each shirt.  One end of each strip had to be cut at an angle so the wooden beads could be threaded through.


I then overlapped the ends, folded them over and used the sewing machine to attach them.  I also decided to fold the whole strip in half and sew along the middle for strength and to minimize fraying. 


The end result is not pretty since I was having bobbin issues, I am a novice sewer and I really wasn't concerned with the aesthetics of the back (these are for 2-4 year olds after all!). 


All my sewing issues aside, Lucy loves her new necklaces and was happy to model them.  She was also very excited that Baby Sister gets her very own set too!

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