Thursday, March 31, 2011

DIY Recycled Dollhouses

I want to teach my children to consume less by being creative.  Babies and toddlers grow out of clothes and toys so quickly it seems ridiculous to purchase everything new.  Both can be purchased secondhand in excellent condition at consignment shops and sales, garage sales and craigslist and even ebay.  Others we can create together from items in the recycle bin and in turn spend time together, save money and consume less!


I saw this dollhouse and furniture made from recycled cardboard boxes and egg cartons in the April 2011 issue of Disney Family Fun magazine.  I cannot wait to make this in a few years when Lucy is ready for smaller more detailed toys.  The tutorial for the dollhouse can be found here and the tutorial for the dollhouse furniture is here.

The rest of the dollhouse ideas come from Made by Joel.  He is full of innovative yet simple DIY toys and frequently includes templates with his tutorials.

Cheerios Box Dollhouse tutorial includes a how-to video as well as several photos to help you create your own portable dollhouse.

Paper Dollhouses are made cut from recycled magazine covers and completely designed to fold up and fit inside a recycled Altoids tin.  Templates are included for one of the house designs, a chair, lounge chair, bed and side table.

Modern Doll House is not completely made of repurposed materials but is way too cool to not share!  His post has many more detailed photos of the furniture, rugs, trees and art in this house.

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