Monday, January 17, 2011

Last Days in New Mexico

My family's journey continues.  Just eight short months ago we packed up everything in Oklahoma and moved to Albuquerque for my husband's new job.  We bought our first house, painted and settled in. 

In October we found out I was expecting our second child and just a month later my husband lost his job.  Everything has changed.  Our house is for sale and we are packing up and moving to Ohio this week for another new job.  We will be much closer to our families after the move, but I will miss New Mexico and a few things about our first house.

mountain view from our backyard

mountains from a corn maze

Chile season!  The whole city smells like fresh fire roasted green chiles. 
This year we bought 40 lbs to fill our freezer.

our very own backyard pool!

my studio

Balloon Fiesta!  I am so glad we went this year even though I was pregnant & nauseous.

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