Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Repurposed Halloween on Etsy

This mask by dreamsbymachine is made from "sofa cushion and jacket leather plus suede pant, leftover ice skate cover zipper remnants and natural elastic scavenged from television wardrobe."

Titania Blue Zippered Leather Mask $42

This shirt for the little ones by TNTees was inspired by the Day of the Dead and made from reclaimed tees.

Day of the Dead Skully Striped Shirt 6-9m $15.50

Lawn decorations that aren't plastic, don't require electricity and can be reused indefinitely!  These cute ghosts by Black Crow Forge are made from repurposed roofing tin.  They also have a pumpkin version available here.

Roofing Tin Ghosts Set of 3 $9.99

How about some repurposed undies for Halloween?  These unmentionables by solojones are made from reclaimed t-shirts.

salvagedjones - i want you (medium) $20


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