Sunday, October 10, 2010

Be Green This Halloween

Halloween is full of mass produced, plastic and cheap costumes and decorations.  While some of them are very cool and can be reused year after year I fear most people toss them out and buy new each Halloween. 

This will be the first year I decorate our place for Halloween and will be making all of the decorations from repurposed materials and random craft supplies already hiding in my studio.  I searched online for inspiration and found a few great ideas:

Recycled Milk Jug Skeleton
I wanted a skeleton to display by our front door and this Recycled Milk Jug Skeleton will be perfect!  As soon as we have enough milk jugs saved up (shouldn't take long with a toddler in the house) I am going to make one.  I love the glow in the dark paint designs all over this one too.  I found several tutorials for this project but liked this one best due to the step-by-step instructions and diagrams.

Recycled Halloween Wreath
This project on Dabbled is another great use for plastic grocery bags or newspaper bags and is made entirely of recycled or repurposed materials.  Author and folk artist Jeanne Gripp suggests using different colors for other holidays.  Check out the full instructions here.

Lights from Recycled Milk Jugs
These Halloween lights are so cute and easy to make.  This is another project that could be easily adapted for other holidays (stacked for a snowman) and reused every single year.  I might have to try this one too....if I have any milk jugs left after making the skeleton!

Recycled Bicycle Helmet Turtle Costume
This was Lucy's Halloween costume last year.  I found the idea here.  I bought the helmet at a garage sale for $1 and the green sweatsuit at a consignment sale.

Tons of ideas for costume made of recycled materials can be found online....just google it!

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