Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saying Goodbye to the 1970s

I have light fixtures on the brain.  You would understand why if you caught a glimpse of the lovely circa 1970s light fixtures in my house.  I love retro decor, especially mid-century modern or even a touch of swinging 60s.  I just cannot live with the 1970s or at least the ones in my house. 

Here are the aforementioned fixtures along with their repurposed, fantabulous possible replacements I found on Etsy:

On the left is the light in our entry.  Many folks have banged their head on this as they walked in the door.  On the right is Bottle Up Recycled Wine Bottle Pendant Light by bentbottle which I think would make a great replacement.

How about this out of date track lighting in my dining room?  Shouldn't it be replaced with something dramatic?  I think this Custom Created Camellia Chandelier by Khalima would be perfect.  It may not be repurposed, but it is made from handmade paper and each pendant is unique.

The sconce on the left is in my hallway (it has a twin at the other end of the hall) and the light fixture on the right is in the extra bathroom.  Both have paint on them from the previous owner and both just look odd where they are.

This Vintage Blue Ball Canning Jar Sconce created by LampGoods is not really my style but I love the look and the idea of using old jars as light fixtures.  It would work well in a hallway, bathroom or even outside by the front door.

This HUGE pendant light is in our master bathroom.  There is one on either side of the very long vanity.  Actually, I kind of like these.  Maybe it's the rest of the horribly out of date bathroom that I hate (baby blue double sinks, shower & toilet, wood grain laminate countertops, plastic mini blinds).  Someday, when we have the funds and the time to remodel I think we should leave these light fixtures until everything else has been replaced.  They might look pretty cool in updated surroundings.

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