Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Projects in Progress

I am always in the middle of several projects.  Some are for my Etsy shop, a few for Christmas and Halloween and some for Lucy (of course!).  Here's a sneak peek at projects coming soon to the blog.

Stocking Holders
Our new house has a fireplace so we obviously need stocking hangers for the mantle.  The ones I like go for $20 - $40 each so I am making them from repurposed materials found around the house.  Below you will find my inspiration and my supplies.

Yes, those are tuna cans.  Inside them are random nuts and bolts found in my studio and in front are hooks I removed from various walls and ceilings in our house (both left by the previous owner...and free!).  Not pictured are pine cones we found at the park, spray paint I purchased for $1 and resin.  Tutorial coming soon!

What about stockings for those awesome DIY stocking hangers?  Those are in progress too.  My inspiration comes from the Etsy shop of handmade pretties

I love the skirt and stockings and only wish I had $275 to spend on them.  However, I am attempting to make my own version with remnant fabric and scraps from my family's old clothes.

Play Kitchen
About a year ago Lucy starting pulling up on everything and cruising all over the house.  I really wanted to buy her a play kitchen but found that the ones made for her age (then 9 months) were very small and she would soon outgrow it and the ones for older toddlers were expensive.  When my Mom came for a visit she saw the giant, oddly shaped box from Lucy's new car seat and suggested I make a kitchen out of it.  Brilliant!

It has been a work in progress for about a year now.  I want to trim the cabinet doors and add knobs so that they open and close like real cabinets.  I also want to add a sink and cook top and either make or buy some felt "food."  Several Etsy sellers make great stuff like pizza, sushi, fruits and veggies.

Happy crafting!


  1. The play kitchen is awesome! I had a plastic one when I was little that we still have and my niece plays with now when she comes over. The artwork on your play kitchen is fabulous!

  2. Thanks! The farm scene in the window is actually a free coloring page I found online. I did color it in though....and I drew the plant, bananas and spices!


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