Monday, September 13, 2010

Leftovers Repurposed...and Reloved!

My family has been enjoying leftovers the past week.  My husband had an especially grand time creating "sloppy chili" and "sloppy burritos" this weekend.  Repurposing leftovers into something new not only keeps mealtime interesting but it also saves us money.  I prepared a great repurposed lunch for my toddler and I today with leftover pancakes, spicy oven fries and country gravy.

Cube and heat up the oven fries in a skillet then add beaten eggs.  Scramble the eggs and melt cheese on top, pop the pancakes in the toaster, heat up the gravy and plate!

Even little Lucy enjoyed lunch!

We will be reloving this trifle I made yesterday too...dessert leftovers are the best!

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