Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bow Hanger & Organizer

My toddler is all of a sudden into bows.  She has a nice collection that I had previously kept in the master bathroom tucked away in a cabinet.  I knew I wanted to display them for her but I have so many projects I need to tackle in our new house that I forgot about it.

Yesterday, I googled "horizontal stripes on wall" looking for ideas for her room which still needs to be painted.  During my search I discovered a great blog called infarrantly creative full of crafty DIY tutorials including Bow Holder Tutorial.  I loved the idea and wanted to repurpose random items around the house instead of buying the exact supplies she used.

My supplies:  2 pieces of green ribbon from my stash and 2 washers I found in the workshop.  The washers are not the same size and the ribbons are different lengths but it does not matter. 

I simply looped one end of the ribbon through the washer and clipped one of the bows on it to secure it. 

I want to be able to reuse the green ribbon for another purpose someday.  However, if you want a more permanent solution you could hot glue the end of the ribbon on the back, safety pin it or even sew it secure. 

Next, I added her bow collection and put in her bathroom.  I simply hooked the washers on small nails since this is temporary and I can hopefully remodel the entire bathroom.

I think the ribbon I found matches quite nicely with the "medicine cabinet" and shower curtain. 

She loves it so much she randomly runs down the hall yelling "Bows! Bows!" and then points to her hair. Then we get to play dress up!


  1. very cute and a great way to keep them all organized!

  2. That's really sweet! :-) And how crafty are you?!! That's such a good idea!

  3. I used something similar growing up - cute AND effective solution :)

  4. HOORAY! I'm so glad you have made a craft blog!


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